The Beauty of Rough Green Amethysts

Looking for gemstone jewelry that can be a good match to our newest outfit with the aim of adding to the charm of our outward appearance is always a challenging task. Finding the right color, the right stone cut, the right metal, the right design ... to name just a few of our challenges. But sometimes, we are so absorbed in our search for jewelry items that we overlook the simplest but equally elegant solutions - using the rough stones as presented to us by Mother Nature Herself.

Yes, faceted gemstones are splendid. Yes, they can be glorious. But wait a minute. Why would not we try using the natural stones as well?

When it comes to green amethyst (prasiolite), I have no doubts whatsoever that the rough stones can be used as well. Green amethyst is simply put one of the most elegant stones in their natural form. To illustrate my claims I have put some pictures of rough prasiolite bellow.

Notice how refined the color of the stone is, while at the same time the interaction of the translucent, almost transparent matrix with sun lights contributes to the surreal aura that encircles it. Simply beautiful.

There is an additional argument when it comes to using uncut and untreated stones which I find very plausible. Their energy field is not disturbed by human intervention. There are documented cases showing how the stone's energy field changes upon drilling a hole in it, or piercing through its solid form. These changes can indeed be observed, for example, by using Kirlian photography, or by similar methods.

Such investigations tell us that the healing and spiritual properties of green amethyst can be diminished or reduced to a certain degree when the stones are cut, polished, penetrated, glued, or possibly when doing any of the operations necessary to produce jewelry.

Even if these were pure speculations, still we can think of some clever ways to integrate rough jewels in our jewelry sets. It is up to our imagination how we can use these rough stones. One of my favorite methods is putting them inside a golden wire cage, which will make a fabulous piece of green amethyst jewelry .

If you do not have and cannot purchase a wire cage, you can easily make one yourself. Here is a nice video, depicting the necessary steps,

Note that in this video, the lady instructing us into making wire cages is using processed stones (beads) that are being secured within the cage. Skip this last step and just put your natural stone within the cage. Remember, we do not want to "hurt" the stone by any invasive intervention.

As I said, we can put our green amethyst rough stone (just one stone or several of them if the space is large enough) within the cage without any additional securing. My favorite wire is gold plated silver which I use to produce some extraordinary looking jewelry articles. Alongside with green amethyst I use to combine golden orthoclase, as I have seen how nicely both stones complement each other in terms of similarly attractive pale nuances and transparency.

Let us summarize. It is possible to produce nice looking jewelry with a little involvement from our side and much less money. Rough green amethyst pieces can be purchased for as little as $ 1 or up to $ 20. Ebay comes to mind, and here is what a quick search produces. (btw. please note that I am not affiliated with ebay, nor with the person selling this piece, this was just to give you an idea.) The piece bellow sells at a very affordable price.

Gold plated wire is also easily affordable.

At the end, I would like to emphasize that green amethyst prasiolite is a beautiful stone per se. Enclosing it in wire is a perfect way to highlight the natural stone beauty and elegance. I hope I have at least managed to convince you that there are alternatives to purchasing high end jewelry that can be equally attractive, fun and much less costly.

Green Amethyst and Aquamarine Jewelry for Healing and Self Growth

Have you ever wondered how Aquamarine goes with Green Amethyst Prasiolite? Sure, you can always put one gemstone next to the other and compare their colors and study their visual properties ... by the way that is something that I like to do with a whole array of minerals and stones when I have time..., and see it for yourself. But how they accompany each other when embedded in an actual jewelry item? Necklaces are of course most common, but not the only jewelry articles where we see prasiolite together with aquamarine --- there are luxurious bracelets or even rings wherein jewelry designers successfully embed both of these jewels to adorn their creations.

The reason I believe these two prized gemstones complement one another is twofold; first and foremost aquamarine possesses a wondrous blue pale color and, when we talk about crystals of gemstone quality, they can be perfectly transparent, with hardly any visible imperfections. Aquamarine so nicely fit to the pale and soft green tones of prasiolite, that together they can represent a joyful sight. Both colors are delicate and tender, not to mention that the bluish nuances of aquamarine crystals sometimes tend to include also some hints from the greener part of the spectrum. Therefore, in my humble opinion,   this combination can be perfect in many forms of jewelry. Be warned, however, to look for additional signs of quality when purchasing via the internet ... do not rely merely on the provided photos. Recently I heard about a purchase of a necklace made of a green amethyst pendant and faceted aquamarine stones, looking so perfect on the computer screen but being of very poor quality in reality.

Also very important issue when we talk about how well these minerals accompany each other are the spiritual properties of both stones. As you will see bellow, they really naturally go hand in hand.

In the following we will touch upon the properties of aquamarine, since we have discussed the meaning, healing impact, and properties of green amethyst so many times here on pages of this blog.

Aquamarine Properties

If you are a crystal lover and do not have aquamarine jewelry in your possession, you have missed the opportunity to enjoy both the visual pleasure it brings and its beneficial spiritual and curative powers. Known and adored for centuries for its metaphysical properties, aquamarine has been embedded in various pendants, rings and other jewelry items to increase the strength, durability, and courage of the owners, as well as promote self respect and confidence in times of trouble. The name of this almost transparent crystal implies its relation to the sea as well as to the watery element. Although aquamarine has no copper in its bulky structure, the unique marine blue color makes it close companion of everything that has to do with lakes, seas and oceans. Therefore it is non surprise that this stone used to be an important amulet and favorite stone of the sailors and crewman.

If you take a closer look at the outer appearance of aquamarine, you will find  that its color is very similar to the color of the water having bluish and sometimes even characteristic greenish tones. This stone is ideal for contacting the spiritual powers of the water element and its spiritual representatives, such as the natural water spirits.

Aquamarine is a fantastic stone for dealing with depression. The mere look at its marine blue surface can help one increase self respect and dignity. Much like prasiolite, aquamarine's vibrations are calming but efficient, helping in coming down our everyday stress and mental tension. It will help us all the unnecessary mental and emotional disarray and disquiet.

Aquamarine will actually help with any problematic thoughts, and not only that - it is believed to increase intuition and even psychic powers. This stone will promote our power of love and selflessness, helping us harmonize our personal relations. In long relations, aquamarine will encourage the feeling of mutual love, especially if this love has been asleep for some time -- aquamarine  will bring it back to the surface.

Aquamarine and Green Amethyst Combined

In the previous article we have made a comparison between green amethyst and jade. Here we have discussed the similarities and differences of prasiolite and aquamarine. If combined with green amethyst, the peace and calm of aquamarine will be extended, since green  amethyst is notorious for promoting growth, happiness, harmonious feelings, constancy, and fertility. Prasiolite is also known for its restorative powers. Green is the color of Nature which symbolizes self esteem and well-being, and blue is the color of the sea - together they make a perfect scenery for relieving tensions and discomfort.

While green amethyst is particularly beneficial for the heart energy center, aquamarine is excellent for the throat area of the body. Thus, we see, how both gemstones, when used together in healing jewelry, can cover an important area of the body. In particular, aquamarine has been used in crystal therapy for impacting the throat, bronchial tube, and lungs region of the body. It is known to help also with eye problems, respiratory illnesses, problems with the skin and swollen glands. Do not expect, however, that your aquamarine jewelry would automatically deal with such problems. Some knowledge about how to work with these gemstones in terms of cleansing charging and programming is necessary.

Some Jewelry Examples

At the end let us see a couple of examples involving greened amethyst, aquamarine and other stones. Note how well they all complement each other and enjoy!
14k Solid Gold Pearl Necklace with Aquamarine Flower
Green Amethyst, Aquamarine and Peridot
Note that first comes the peridot stone, then we have the aqamarine, and at the end green amethyst.
14k Solid Gold Pearl Necklace with Aquamarine Flower