Green Amethyst Promise Ring with Diamonds in White Gold

Usually when somebody mentions the word “promise ring” people have different associations. The most common promise associated to this phrase is when a person promises to marry you, but he is not ready to get engaged yet. But a promise ring can also mean a number of other things, for example, you can promise yourself to abstain from some potential addiction, or you can promise your very good friend something like “eternal friendship”. In either case you would need a delicate ring, and in the following I will review a very beautiful green amethyst promise ring.

This setting of this beautifully designed ring is 10 carat white gold. The green amethyst is emerald cut (1.1 carats), complemented very nicely by diamonds of 0.15 carat of total weight.

Usually people are looking to buy emerald cut diamond rings, but there is a slight problem with that. Unless the diamond is close to perfect when it comes to clarity (meaning at least VSI or IF grade), you will not be fully satisfied with the purchase because the emerald cut will expose the internal imperfections and flaws of the less perfect diamonds. And this translates to the amount of money you would have to pay.

In case of green amethyst this will not be the case. The clarity of green amethyst can be very close to perfect (as it is in this case) and the emerald cut green amethyst usually looks perfect.

The amethyst that comes with this ring is clear and beautiful. The green color is apparent under closer examination; however, it may appear that the stone is almost transparent from a greater distance.

The clarity of the green amethyst is maximal. The stone itself is natural, albeit heat treated. But, then, almost all green amethysts used in jewelry today are heat treated (in the least).

The diamonds are natural, untreated round brilliant stones of G-H color and SI clarity.

If you have someone you care about and want to show your love and appreciation or if you want to make somebody a promise, this emerald shaped green amethyst ring can be a perfect gift.

Or if you want to make a step forward before engagement, promising the person you love that when you are ready you are going to propose and you will get married, this promise ring can be the right choice.

Low Cost Green Amethyst Pear-Shaped Bracelet Online

It has been quite some time since I have written a new here for my green amethyst blogspot blog. In case you were wondering, I was pretty busy completing my new book with working title - Spiritual Birthstones. You can read more about it on my sunnyray website. That's another story, though, and I will be making another post soon enough for all of you interested in getting a deeper insight into the spiritual meanings of birthstones, including amethyst which is a February birthstone. While my approach to birthstones is somewhat different than what you might have heard so far, I have nevertheless included a short reminder at the end of this text. Today I will blog about a nice and very affordable pearl shaped green amethyst bracelet I recently discovered at

Green Amethyst Pearl Shaped Bracelet

Green amethyst is a very gentle stone. Its color may be pale green and not as intense as emerald green, but this can be seen as an advantage, rather than a down side of this beautiful gem. If you are looking for an affordable prasiolite bracelet that will match equally well your evening wardrobe and your daily clothing - this pearl shaped bracelet at is a great deal. Set in sterling silver, this bracelet will provide you with a minimal weight of green amethyst gemstones of almost 36 carats. It is a 7.25 inches long bracelet that 0comes with a box with tongue and safety clasp, and a blue sueded cloth pouch. The amethysts are mounted in light-enhancing silver basket settings. They are connected with a beautiful drape around the wrist. The stones are nearly perfect with their glisters and dazes that make you wonder if there is something that comes close to it.

The Price

Now, green amethyst jewelry can be very expensive. If you exclude the lab-created green amethyst plain bracelets that can cost less than $100, the price can vary considerably. This is no surprise, as sometimes you are expected to pay several hundreds dollars even for a 5 karat prasiolite ring. Similarly, a yellow gold bracelet can costs well above $1k. Last time I checked, this bracelet with a total of more then 35 carats of gems was available for about $160. This price was obtained after the applied 52% discount they offered. Considering the caliber and beauty of this bracelet, this is definitely a jewelry piece with great price to quality ratio.

The Color

When we consider the delicate hues of prasiolite, it is a very common thing that the color is expected to be artificially enhanced. I guess this bracelet is no exception in this regard. Even when enhanced, some people find it to be disappointing pale, almost bordering with gray. I personally find the delicate shades of this green amethyst prasiolite bracelet wondrous. Each of the pearl shaped amethysts will display great clarity and its leek green color is stunning. However, the color is a matter of taste, and you should decide for yourself whether or not you favor it.

Are There Complaints

There are some complaints that this bracelet is a bit hard to fasten with just one hand. While this might be true, it has nothing to do with this specific bracelet - almost all bracelets are tough to fasten.

What's the Customers' Opinion

These are some of the impressions of the Amazon customers who purchased this bracelet:
  • Besides my engagement ring and diamond studs that I never remove, it's my most worn and beloved piece of jewelry.
  • This bracelet is beautiful and sparkly, and was perfect on my wrist at holiday parties.
  • Definitely too fancy for everyday wear, at least for me.

Amethyst as a February Birthstone

Amethyst is a beautiful gemstone with a lore and reputation of possessing special spiritual and metaphysical powers, meanings, and good fortune. Especially it is believed that amethyst, along with green amethyst prasiolite, is a stone of prosperity and abundance of those born in the astrological sign of Aquarius and Pisces.

It is possible to challenge the usual association of birthstones with certain months, and especially if the true spiritual perspective is adopted. The more spiritual perspective, as well as the new age approach, associates green amethyst with the zodiac sign of Pisces, but almost all signs have it as their secondary or ternary birthstone. This puts amethyst really high on the list of potentially beneficial stones.

The majority of cultures had their own versions of birthstones, like the Old Testament breastplate of 12 semi precious stones. The old Indian culture is also known to have associated certain gems with their ayurvedic calendar and horoscope signs. As far as the contemporary birthstone list is concerned, the most famous is the one published by the American National Association of Jewelers some hundred years ago.


This is absolutely a lovely green amethyst piece. It can be a favorite birthday present for someone you love born in February. You can even give yourself a present, and "surprise" yourself. Every one of us should be able to love one's true nature, one's life and existence. This is definitely a nice purchase - and you can be sure that you will be receiving compliments while wearing this bracelet.You can buy this green amethyst bracelet from HERE.